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A set of surprisingly favourable circumstances has again brought together the people of three cities from three countries in the creation of an exhibition on a topical theme. Perm’s twin cities, Louisville (USA) and Oxford (UK), have enthusiastically responded to the invitation to take part in a new virtual exhibition on the subject of water and water resources, and the rivers and canals that flow through, and bring life, to our cities.

Regardless of nationality or location, people everywhere face issues with the cleanliness of their water sources. For this reason, it is worthy of real note that we have managed to come together to look at the similarities and differences in the various areas and circumstances in which we use water.

Water is the source of life. Developing the right relationship with water is the promise of a sustainable future, a guarantee that our rivers, canals, reservoirs and lakes will be clean and suitable for constructive utilisation.

Historical photographs and archive documents reveal to us the merits and shortcomings of previous approaches to the utilisation of water resources. By getting to know the various sections of the exhibition we can see and feel how delicate the balance can be and we can understand how mankind can influence the state of the environment around him, either positively or negatively.

For the curators of this exhibition, it is important that each visitor give some thought to their relationship with these resources and the blessings of life that we are constantly using. What can I do today to keep the water clean? What is the correct way to use what has been given to me?

Once we have answered these questions, we will achieve the goal that has been set before us: as consumers, we will form the right relationship with everything that surrounds us and gives us life, life which we would wish to live worthily, so that we pass on to a future generation, clean water, clean land, and a clean planet.

The team of curators and compilers would like to thank every participant for taking up the call and helping to bring this project to fruition.



  • Victor Novokreschennykh, Maria Reymers, Anton Ponomarev (Perm City Archive).
  • Tatiana Grigorieva, Natalia Nefedova (Perm City Administration).


  • Carrie Daniels (Archives & Special Collections, University of Louisville).


The Oxfordshire History Centre

The people who took part in this project are all members of the Oxford Perm Association

  • Mark Davies, Co-ordinator; local historian and provider of most of the captions,
  • Jill Hind, local historian and specialist on Oxford water supplies,
  • Chris Cowley,
  • Julia Slater,
  • Daniel Scharf,
  • Cynthia Watson,
  • Rip Bulkeley,
  • Marianne Talbot,
  • Karen Hewitt, writer of the Introduction, and responsible for liaison with Perm.


  • Natalia Nefedova,
  • Tatiana Grigorieva,
  • Robin Carr.

About the exhibition


City & Water

International virtual exhibition of documents of twin-cities Perm, Louisville & Oxford.