Hospitals and Medical Staff

Surgery observation, circa 1943. Louisville.

Employees of the Evacuation Hospital located in school No. 35 of Perm in 1944.

A Pioneer Girl in a Hospital room reading a book to the wounded. 1941-1945. Molotov (Perm).

University of Louisville V-12 participants working in a dental laboratory, circa 1943.

Nurses with a group of the wounded in Evacuation Hospital No. 1017. 1943. Molotov (Perm).

Wounded soldiers in a Perm Hospital before being sent to their military units. 1943. Molotov (Perm).

University of Louisville V-12 participants at patient's bedside, circa 1943.

A scientist at Oxford working on the separation of penicillin during the war.
© 'Imperial War Museum'

An early method of producing penicillin (BFTD-Heatley apparatus). Oxford.
© 'History of Science Museum, Oxford Universtiy'


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Hospitals and Medical Staff.

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