Factories in the Rear

Completed pontoon boat on display, Louisville, Kentucky, 1942.

Women training as machinists at Dupont Manual High School, Louisville, Kentucky, 1942.

Aircraft department at Mengel Company, Louisville, Kentucky, 1942.

Woman welder at Reynolds Metals Co., Louisville, Kentucky, 1943.

Drill arranged for stake notching in shell machining department, Vogt Machine Company, Louisville, Kentucky, 1942.

Boring a hole in a large hydraulic valve block that will be part of a hydraulic press in a powder factory. Vogt Machine Company, Louisville, Kentucky. January 1942.

Official Salvage Depot trucks and workers, Louisville, Kentucky, 1942.

Valya Kusakin, a milling machine operator, at the Stalin Plant No. 19. 1942. Molotov (Perm).

Members of the leading youth brigade of the Krasny Oktyabr Timber Plant at work. 1944. Molotov (Perm).

Armored boats of the Shipyard during loading onto railway platforms and sending them to the Navy. 1943. Molotov (Perm).

РWorkers working on the assembly line of the Molotov Telephone Plant. Molotov (Perm).

Photos of the production process at the Molotov Plant. Molotov (Perm).

Young workers of the Molotov Plant near the equipment assembled ahead of the schedule. Molotov (Perm).

Tanks at Cowley (the Morris Motor Company).
© 'Science Photo Library'

Tractor driven by Women’s Land Army volunteer in the Bartons. Oxford.
© 'Oxfordshire History Centre'


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